Manufacturing high-quality components in the automotive industry
with a versatile foam material

Vehicle components

Expanded polypropylene is ideally suited to producing a crashpad. Absorbers, inlays in the floor, headrests, linings, shock absorbers in the front end area and other impact absorbers made of this foam material increase safety.

Numerous applications

Thanks to the fact that the material is easy to process, the various inserts can also be customized. On request, we can realize various components for vehicles such as headrests or bumpers.

High level of safety

Inlays made of this particle foam above all serve passenger protection and passive vehicle safety. Since the material is so very low in weight, it is a trail-blazing material for vehicle construction.

Advantages of the material

Expanded polypropylene is characterized by its low weight and excellent energy absorption. The material has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. A further benefit of the material is that it can withstand repeated impact very well. This does not result in any recognizable damage.

This particle foam offers excellent thermal insulation and optimized flexibility. Although the material weighs very little, it is extremely hard-wearing. The particle foam repels water, most chemicals and oils and retains its structure in various applications involving high loads. This foam material withstands temperatures ranging from minus 25 to 130 degrees and is fully recyclable.

Do you need various components for vehicle construction?

Whether you need components for vehicles, load carriers or packaging, we will manufacture your products according to your individual specifications. We have the technical prerequisites and new, innovative machines to carry out various jobs and molding requirements with great precision.

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