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Particle foam protects.


In sports there are versatile application possibilities for particle foams. For example, the elastic eTPU in the bicycle saddle can provide back-friendly cushioning and as a tire for scooters it can provide resistant, long-lasting mobility. But also as sports equipment for gymnastics or rehabilitation in the form of balls or fascia rolls eTPU can show its individual strengths. Particle foams in sports helmets, bicycle helmets or mountaineering helmets, as well as in joint protectors offer reliable protection against impact damage.


Since our products made of EPS (Styrofoam® | airpop®), EPP and Piocelan® are hardly subject to any restrictions in terms of shape, there are more and more areas of application from the sports and leisure sector. The combination of low weight and high stability makes our foams ideal for your requirements, whether as seat padding, toy plane or paddle tennis racket.


Whether for furniture, decoration or art – particle foams such as EPS (Styrofoam® | airpop®) or EPP are becoming increasingly popular in this area. They are light and yet firm to the touch. And can be formed into any shape in any dimension. Whether 3D logo design or 3D letters and numbers made of Styrofoam®, whether ceiling panels and wall panels or model making made of Styrofoam® – the right solution can be designed for every requirement.

E-TPU in bicycle saddle

Passionate cyclists know the problem of a saddle causing pain on long cycling tours. An innovative bicycle saddle with an ergonomic core made of eTPU – for relief of the back, seat bones and genitals solves the problem. The saddle adapts to the rider’s movements and, thanks to the eTPU built into the core, cushions any unevenness of the ground in a way that is easy on the joints. The bike accessory manufacturer RTI Sports from Koblenz developed the concept for this innovative product in cooperation with the Schaumaplast Group, BASF and the German Sport University Cologne.

EPS, Piocelan® and EPP in planes and drones

Drone technology is finding more and more versatile applications in the industrial sector.  Today, unmanned aerial vehicles are used in construction planning for inspection, documentation and landscape surveying. But drones can also reliably perform thermal analyses of landscapes or buildings. Further fields of application for drones are as interesting as they are exciting. For example, the logistics industry uses parcel drones to transmit deliveries, up to now mostly within their own warehouse complex. The drone as a flying defibrillator or for pest control is another exciting aspect for possible future applications.

Particle foams are ideally suited for use in drones and aircraft due to their lightweight construction properties. Piocelan® in particular offers the best properties for this application due to its simultaneous resistance and flexibility.

EPP fascia roll – ETPU fascia balls

Fascia rolls made of EPP are a instrument to improve mobility, balance, body awareness and strength. Pressure is exerted on specific muscle regions with the help of one’s own body weight. If only specific areas of the tissue are to be treated, fascia balls made of eTPU (Infinergy®) are particularly suitable. Thus, when using fascia balls, body regions such as the arch of the foot, neck or punctual regions of the back can be reached. A double fascia ball is ideal for self-massage of the spine.

The Schaumaplast Group realises your project with molded parts made of EPP for the sports and leisure sector. Individual shapes, (laser) textures, colours and degrees of hardness can be determined, among other things.

Infinergy® (ETPU) in the sole

Infinergy® in the soles of safety shoes, sports shoes or casual footwear results in many positive properties for the wearer. ETPU, also known as Infinergy®, has extreme cushioning properties and excellent resilience. Sole inserts made of Infinergy® in sports shoes or work shoes protect the joints and relieve the spine. In addition, eTPU is considerably lighter than other materials with similar properties.

E-TPU for maximum player performance

  • Use e.g. in padel tennis rackets
  • as core material, spring element or double-sided thin surface element in the impact zone
  • better performance of eTPU compared to EVA:
    – significantly better rebound
    – higher elasticity and suppleness over a wide temperature range
    – no curing at low or softening at high temperatures
    – Durability under cyclical dynamic loads significantly better
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