Cooling Packaging for Shipping

GDP-compliant Transport.

Cooling Packaging for Shipping

“Cold Chain” stands for a temperature-controlled supply chain. Many foodstuffs, medicines, other pharmaceutical or industrial products must be thermal shipped to ensure that their product quality remains consistently high. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, the (legal) requirements for temperature-controlled transports are increasing. The demand for professional cooling packaging for shipping is correspondingly high.

GDP-compliant Cold Shipping

With cooling packaging, cooling elements and sometimes special PCM packs, medicines, active ingredients, blood and serums can be sent safely. The EU guidelines on Good Distribution Practice (GDP) are intended to support a secure supply chain. Pharmaceutical manufacturers, logistics service providers and pharmaceutical wholesalers are monitored by the countries for implementation of the GDP guidelines.

Standard Program

The Schaumaplast standard range for EPS thermo boxes covers all common sizes from 0.6 to more than 1,200 litres of usable internal volume. From the small, handy thermo box to cooling pallet shipping. The insulated containers are available at short notice and without additional tool costs. We also offer a wide range of cooling elements and develop your individual passive cooling packaging by means of exact thermal calculation and in-house climate chamber tests.

With the brand THERMOCON, the Schaumaplast Group has a separate business unit concentrating on the development and manufacture of reliable cooling packaging for shipping and GDP-compliant transport.
In addition, the THERMOCON engineering team takes on the development of tailor-made systems for your cooling packaging for shipping, from thermal design, construction and prototyping to climate chamber tests. In doing so, we draw on a large portfolio of different cooling elements, which are also offered for sale separately.

Styrofoam Cooling Packaging for Shipping

The portfolio of our styrofoam cooling packaging for shipping covers all common sizes from 0.6 to more than 1,200 litres of usable internal volume. The cooling packaging is available at short notice and without additional tool costs. Choose from a selection of around 100 different standard sizes and the corresponding cooling elements. You can conveniently filter out your cooling packaging for shipping based on your required dimensions in our thermo box configurator.

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Pre-qualified thermal packaging

Our pre-qualified cooling packaging have already been successfully tested in our climate chamber. This means that we can specify reliable transit times for specific temperature profiles for each pre-qualified cooling packaging. We test exclusively with demanding and realistic summer and winter profiles from ISTA or AFNOR.
The pre-qualified cooling packaging consist of an EPS thermo box with lid and outer carton, as well as cooling elements. In addition, customers receive the corresponding documentation of the climate chamber tests and the packing instructions with illustrated step-by-step assembly instruction.

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Pallet Box with lid

The portfolio of our standard boxes includes three variable pallet boxes with lid. The usable interior volume starts at 97 litres and goes up to 1,275 litres. Choose from our SMALL PALLET SHIPPER with foamed pallet feet, our EURO PALLET SHIPPER, standardised to a Euro pallet or our XL PALLET TRANSPORTER, in which you can place a complete Euro pallet. The boxes are available at short notice and without additional tool costs.

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Gel Packs, Foam Bricks, PCM Packs

With THERMOCON, Schaumaplast offers its customers a wide range of different cooling elements. In this way, a constant cold can be guaranteed for temperature-sensitive products. Whether water-based gel packs for disposable shipping or the sophisticated industrial cooling PCM element, also known as phase-change material, the Schaumaplast Group has the right cooling element for every thermo box for the desired running time and temperature range.

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PCM packs (Phase Change Material)

PCM cooling elements are used in cooling packaging as an alternative or in addition to water-based cooling elements such as gel packs or foam bricks. Phase Change Materials exist with different melting temperatures in the minus and plus range. This is used in thermal packaging to map temperature ranges that cannot be mapped with water-based cooling elements, or only at great expense.

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Individual Cooling Packaging

We develop your individual passive cooling packaging. Through exact thermal calculation we determine the required wall thickness of the thermo box, the cooling quantities and the positioning of the cooling elements, foam bricks or gel packs. The thermal calculation takes into account the temperature limits of the product to be maintained, the required transport time and the external temperature profile. Customer-specific or standards such as ISTA or AFNOR are used as temperature profiles. The thermal and constructive engineering of Schaumaplast shortens the development times of new thermo boxes and the configuration of existing thermo boxes. The performance of the newly developed thermo box equipped with cooling elements is finally verified in a climate chamber test. In this process Schaumaplast also cooperates with ISTA-certified laboratories. The customer thus receives written documentation on the performance of his new thermal packaging.

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EPP multi-use Thermal Packaging

The new pre-qualified EPP thermo box is equipped with high-performance vacuum insulation panels (VIP). With this cooling packaging extreme running times can be realized with low cooling quantity requirements.
The robust EPP outer box and the removable inner tray make the thermo box practical to handle. An ideal reusable solution.

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