Heat Resistant & Robust Particle Foam

What is Sunforce™?

The heat-resistant particle foam Sunforce™ is an innovative material specially developed for applications exposed to high temperatures. Sunforce™ retains its shape and structure even at high temperatures. The high heat resistance of Sunforce™ is achieved by using special polymer grades and optimizing the manufacturing process. The material is able to withstand temperatures of up to 120°C without losing its properties or melting.

Sunforce™ application areas

In addition to its high heat resistance up to 120°C, its resistance to chemicals is another advantage of Sunforce™. The material is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including aggressive substances such as acids or solvents. This makes it ideal for applications in the chemical industry, as well as in the automotive and electronics industries, where Sunforce™ is used successfully.

100% recyclable

Another important advantage of Sunforce™ is its environmental compatibility. The material is 100% recyclable and can be returned to the production cycle after use. Recycling Sunforce™ offers several advantages, such as reducing waste and saving raw materials and energy. As polypropylene is a widely used material, there is also a good infrastructure for the collection, sorting and recycling of PP materials.

Advantages of Sunforce™ as a particle foam

Sunforce™ in the classic automotive industry

Sunforce™ is a heat-resistant particle foam that withstands temperatures of up to 120°C. This makes it ideal as an insulating material for components exposed to high temperatures, such as engine hoods, exhaust systems or other components in the engine compartment. The use of Sunforce™ helps reduce heat dissipation and minimize heat loss, which in turn helps improve vehicle performance and efficiency.

Particle foam is a very lightweight material and therefore helps reduce vehicle weight. Lower vehicle weight leads to greater fuel efficiency and lower CO₂ emissions, which in turn helps reduce environmental impact.

Sunforce™ has excellent sound insulation properties and can help reduce noise levels in the vehicle. Using Sunforce™ as an insulating material in doors, dashboards or other areas can make the vehicle quieter and more pleasant to drive.

Particle foam Sunforce™ is also resistant to a wide range of chemicals, making it an ideal material for use in the automotive industry.

Sunforce™ in e-mobility

E-mobility, the trend towards electric vehicles, is a growing market that offers high potential for the use of Sunforce™ to develop energy-efficient and sustainable vehicles.

In electric vehicles, batteries are an important component that generates a lot of heat. Sunforce™ can be used as an insulating material to provide better heat dissipation. This can extend the life of the batteries and improve the efficiency of the electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles often have a higher mass due to the heavy batteries, resulting in higher energy requirements. Sunforce™ can be used as a lightweight but strong material to reduce the weight of the vehicle and thus improve energy efficiency.

Sunforce™ is a material that can be shaped and customized in many ways. As a result, it offers automotive manufacturers the opportunity to develop appealing and innovative vehicle designs.

Sunforce™ in the electronics industry

Sunforce™ is used in the electronics industry as an insulating material for electronic components such as capacitors, transformers and printed circuit boards. The particle foam is an excellent material for thermal insulation, offering high strength and rigidity at low weight.

Electronic components generate heat during use that must be dissipated to prevent overheating and damage to the component. Sunforce™ is therefore used as an insulating material to ensure better heat dissipation.

In addition, Sunforce™ can be used as a protective material for electronic components to protect them from external influences such as vibration or shock. Sunforce™ can be used as a filler material for cavities and as a spacer for the electronic components to stabilize them and protect them from damage.

Sunforce™ in the aerospace industry

Particle foam is a lightweight, heat-resistant and heavy-duty material ideal for use in the demanding environment of the aerospace industry.

Aircraft and rocket engines generate extremely high temperatures during operation, which must be dissipated by the insulation material to prevent structural damage. Sunforce™ is used as an insulating material in engines to reduce heat dissipation and thus protect components from overheating.

In addition, Sunforce™ is also used as an insulating material for rockets to control temperatures in the combustion chambers. The material is used in rockets as a heat shield to reduce heat generation during flight, protecting the rocket’s structure.

Sunforce™ can also be used as a structural material in the aerospace industry, offering high strength and stiffness at low weight. It is used as a filler material in components such as beams, panels and casings to increase strength and stiffness and stabilize the structure.

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