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Particle foam – a lightweight and versatile material.

Craft supplies

Schaumaplast produces molded parts made of particle foams such as EPS or Piocelan for various applications. There are hardly any limits to the shaping. This is particularly suitable for the Arts & Crafts sector. The trend of individual “do-it-yourself” is constantly increasing. We offer you EPS molds for your DIY kit or EPS rings for binding wreaths in the florist sector. With a corresponding order your EPS molds can be individually manufactured. Just contact us for a free and competent consultation.


Since our products made of EPS (Styrofoam® | airpop®), and Piocelan® are hardly subject to any restrictions in terms of shape, there are more and more areas of application from the sports and leisure sector. The combination of low weight and high stability makes our foams ideal for your requirements, whether as seat padding, toy plane or paddle tennis racket.


Whether for furniture, decoration or art – particle foams such as EPS (Styrofoam®) are becoming increasingly popular in this area. They are light and yet firm to the touch. And can be formed into any shape in any dimension. Whether 3D logo design or 3D letters and numbers made of Styrofoam®, whether ceiling panels and wall panels or model making made of Styrofoam® – the right solution can be designed for every requirement.

EPS & Piocelan® in planes & drones

Drone technology is finding more and more versatile applications in the industrial sector.  Today, unmanned aerial vehicles are used in construction planning for inspection, documentation and landscape surveying. But drones can also reliably perform thermal analyses of landscapes or buildings. Further fields of application for drones are as interesting as they are exciting. For example, the logistics industry uses parcel drones to transmit deliveries, up to now mostly within their own warehouse complex. The drone as a flying defibrillator or for pest control is another exciting aspect for possible future applications.

Particle foams are ideally suited for use in drones and aircraft due to their lightweight construction properties. Piocelan® in particular offers the best properties for this application due to its simultaneous resistance and flexibility.

EPS Bindery & Handicraft items

Whether for the florist, DIY or decoration sector, Schaumaplast produces rings for wreaths, balls or fir tree shapes for seasonal handicraft, decoration and DIY articles. With appropriate order, we will realise your project reliably and precisely. Contact us for your individual consultation about EPS molded parts for Arts and Crafts.

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