Styrofoam Hot Wire Cuts

Computer-aided precise cuts.

Styrofoam Hot Wire Cuts

Styrofoam cuttings are created completely individually. There are no tool costs for the customer. For packaging, cuttings are required that are exactly adapted to the shape and structure of your product. To prevent damage during transport, contour cuts help to protect sensitive areas effectively. As protection at corners and edges, styrofoam cuts ensure that a piece of furniture does not slip in the packaging.

Unlimited Design

There are hardly any limits to your creativity. Even unusual shapes are possible. We have machines that enable unusual contours and close tolerances through a high-precision thermal cutting process. We will be happy to advise you on the many possibilities of cutting and provide you with assistance to successfully implement your project. Just contact us.

Speed & small series

Our fast reaction and delivery times set us apart from the competition. If things have to be done quickly, our internal engineering team and technicians are able to react flexibly and implement your projects at short notice. Open and transparent communication and cooperation is very important. Our processes are also designed for small series.

Precise Styrofoam Cuts

Our cut-to-size EPS (Styrofoam® | airpop®), Neopor® and EPP are suitable for various applications. Thermal cutting is used to produce standard sheet material. For milled parts or contour blanks in various special shapes, we use modern machines that allow almost unlimited shaping.
The advantages are obvious. No set-up or tooling costs are incurred in the production of the cuts. No matter whether it is a one-off production or a series delivery, we realize all customer projects quickly and reliably.

Applications for EPS cuts

In construction, cut-to-size foam materials play an increasingly important role. Due to their special properties and their easy processing and handling, expandable polystyrene (EPS, Styrofoam®, airpop®) is used as insulation in building construction. Cut-to-size EPS & Co. are also used in trade fair construction and for artists’ supplies. Individual custom-made products are no problem for us. Whether as triangle, half shell, cube, wedge or cuboid, we bring Styrofoam into your desired form.

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