Lightweight construction with particle foam.

Fully protected

Due to their special properties, particle foams are ideally suited for a wide range of automotive applications. For example, inserts made of particle foam have an excellent ability to absorb energy under dynamic load. Impact absorbers in the floor, in headliners and side panels, in steering column, headrests and bumpers are used primarily for the passive protection of occupants and chassis. In the case of electric vehicles, the protection of battery systems should be emphasized.

Lightly constructed

There is no doubt that the use of particle foam is trend-setting for the construction of vehicles. Interesting features are not only the great freedom of design, but also the high structural strength at very low weight, the good resilience and the functional safety within large temperature ranges. Lightweight construction is the trend, because reducing vehicle weight saves fuel and costs, increases the range of electric vehicles and thus contributes to the reduction of CO₂ emissions. The material is already being used in innovative rear seat designs, door panels, the trunk and wheel arches, among other things.

Well insulated

The construction of electric vehicles places new demands on vehicle insulation. Particle foam can also make a contribution here: in energy management through its excellent thermal insulation values, as well as its good sound absorption capacity. In addition to the use of particle foam as the core of composite materials, the material is also increasingly used in the visible area. Attractive surfaces through laser textures and colours play an important role here.

EPS for Automotive

Vehicles should become ever lighter for the future. On the one hand, heavy electronics in cars and other automobiles are becoming more and more common, and on the other hand, the environmental aspect and the reduction of CO₂ are becoming more and more important. Using particle foam as an integral part of the vehicle can massively reduce weight and thus save fuel. EPS (Styrofoam®) can be used as the core of headrests or footrests, as the floor of the trunk, center console or in the form of fillers.

Why use particle foam in automobiles?

Particle foams have a wide range of positive properties, especially for the automotive sector, which no other material in combination can fulfil:

  • high structural strength at very low weight
  • great freedom of design
  • very good energy absorption
  • fully recyclable
  • good sound insulation/sound absorption
  • excellent thermal insulation (e.g. for e-mobility)
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