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High-quality foam materials for insulation

Reliable insulation elements

In the building industry, various foam materials such as EPS and Neopor have firmly established themselves as reliable insulation elements. Their range of applications is very broad and includes, among other things, various wall and roof solutions, perimeter plates and plates for underfloor heating systems. In addition, various molded parts are also used as formwork blocks. At Schaumaplast, we produce not just high-quality packaging for the safe transport of your goods, but also various molded parts for the construction industry.

Spiral anchors

Spiral anchors for concrete construction are made in a special concrete casting process. This involves a completely new and innovative support for anchor rods D15. In this patented process, a spring made of 4 mm steel with a Styrofoam core is pressed into the fresh concrete or can be glued in during retrofitting. Once the glue or concrete has hardened, you only need a drill with a cordless electric screwdriver to remove the Styrofoam.

Areas where foam is used in the construction industry

We produce various insulation modules for the construction industry. Highly insulating modules such as perimeter plates are based on the material Peripor. This is an innovative further development of Peripor. The use of these plates ensures the optimum usage and employment of energy in a low-energy or passive house. With the aid of highly insulating plates, you can slash your exorbitant heating costs and also help protect the environment, because they effectively cut down on the use of natural resources.

Peripor has been successfully used in the construction sector for many years. We produce your perimeter plates according to your individual specifications and complete your customer projects both quickly and reliably. On the construction site, the panels can be assembled into a tub. Neopor formwork blocks are an excellent choice when building energy-conscious houses. Whether you're planning a single or multi-family house, these formwork elements are suitable for all walls requiring thermal insulation.

Are you interested in using foam in the construction sector?

When it comes to insulation or the reduction of heat loss, expandable foam materials represent a promising material in the construction sector. We can inform you about the various options and carry out your customer projects with the utmost precision.

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