Special foams

Innovative Piocelan – sturdy and very versatile.
Highly suitable for packaging and molded parts.

Special technology

Thanks to the new technology from Sekisui, the benefits of expandable polystyrene and polyolefin have been combined to form this unique and innovative material: the foam called Piocelan.

Special structure

The special structural features of Piocelan guarantee the possibility of lower foam density. Moreover, weight is reduced and low production costs save valuable resources.

Outstanding shock absorption

In the event of a rear-end collision, Piocelan offers optimized shock absorption. The vehicles and pedestrians involved are thus protected from external influences.


Piocelan is a highly versatile type of polystyrene foam. In a new and innovative process, polyolefin is added to conventional polystyrene, giving it additional properties. Owing to this combination, Piocelan retains the characteristic advantages of polystyrene – such as a high level of rigidity and low bulk weight – while at the same time improving shock absorption and flexibility. Resistance to chemicals is also improved. The new material is, for example, highly suitable for economically manufacturing load carriers for electronics and precision components. The high level of flexibility offered by the material guarantees that we can achieve almost every design in line with customer requirements.


Arcel® is a combination of polystyrene and polyethylene that unites the best properties of both polymers. Arcel® stands out on account of its outstanding resistance, flexibility and durability, while remaining lightweight. In contrast to conventional EPS (Airpop®), Arcel® is significantly more resistant to tearing and chipping during impact and is therefore particularly suitable as packaging protection for high-quality goods.


In contrast to conventional EPP, porous EPP is characterized by particularly good sound insulation, which makes it very popular for vehicle construction in the automotive sector. Due to its characteristic structural cavities, pEPP can improve acoustic comfort. The material is therefore often used for NHV suppression (noise, vibration, harshness). A further advantage of moldings made from pEPP is the improved adhesion on rough surfaces compared to adhesives – a desirable secondary effect, especially when foaming into carpets for the passenger area.

Improved chemical resistance

Compared to EPS (expandable polystyrene), Piocelan offers significantly improved chemical resistance. These days, Piocelan is also processed to make durable value-added packaging and robust moldings. Besides its improved chemical resistance, Piocelan is also characterized by its excellent mechanical properties, far surpassing materials such as EPS (Airpop®) or EPP.

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