High-quality molded parts made of foam offer diverse use options.

Heating and air conditioning

In the heating and air-conditioning sector, moldings made of EPS (Airpop®) and EPP offer energy-efficient solutions. Technical moldings prevent uncontrolled loss of heat energy thanks to their excellent insulation effect in heaters. As insulation for pumps, boilers and heating controllers, EPP housings ensure that your water stays hot for longer. Thanks to their special construction with plug connections, the devices can still be easily accessed for maintenance and repair work.

Lost Foam

With lost foam casting, EPS moldings are embedded in a casting container in molding sand. By means of a metal melt, the synthetic material is replaced and the mold cavity is filled in. The lost foam process allows the production of complex components and tools. Molders appreciate the design freedom and the exact contours of the EPS moldings.

Building industry

Airpop and Neopor are made into insulation elements for various building parts. The different application areas include solutions for walls, roofs and panels for underfloor heating systems, and perimeter floor pans. Moldings are also used as a formwork element and permit lightweight construction. Thermal insulation made of expandable foams helps save up to 70% of the heating energy costs.

Molded parts made of EPS (Airpop®) and EPP are found in many everyday applications.

The benefits they offer for different applications and packaging has become self-evident. Transport boxes made of EPS (Airpop®) ensure smooth transport in compliance with the refrigeration chain, and the delivery service rings your doorbell with an EPP pizza box. In the car, crash pads made of EPS (Airpop®) and EPP protect passengers involved in accidents, as do bicycle helmets made from Airpop. With the aid of tools, the raw materials are foamed into individual moldings of various shapes and sizes. The shape and thus the application diversity of EPS (Airpop®) and EPP are almost unlimited.

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We offer the right technical molding made of EPS (Airpop®), EPP or our various special foams, such as Ecovio or Piocelan, for a wide range of applications. Our competent team will inform you in detail about the numerous possibilities.

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