Crafts, sports and leisure

Various application areas of EPS (Airpop®) and EPP – for craft, sport and leisure 
Creative ideas and decorations for your everyday life.

Leisure activities

Since our products made of EPS (Airpop®) and EPP are subject to hardly any restrictions in terms of shape, more and more areas of application are being discovered in the sports and leisure sectors. Thanks to the combination of low weight and high stability, our foams are ideal for your requirements, whether it is as a seat pad for use at concerts or as a toy plane.

Art and craft articles

Our molded parts made of EPS (Airpop®) are an excellent choice for all your crafting projects, because Airpop is not only very light but also very easy to work with. Besides hearts, stars and balls, we offer you a large assortment of standard items for your basic needs.


Designers have long since discovered the advantages offered by EPS (Airpop®) and EPP. Whether for furniture, decorative purposes or art, our particle foams are becoming increasingly popular.

Products for all areas of life

Have you already asked yourself which material is used for model railways landscapes? Or what the components of a bicycle helmet are made of? Regardless of whether you want to incorporate them in decorative articles, craft goods or furniture, our foams are an indispensable part of many areas of sport and leisure. Do you need a head for your beauty parlor or your costume wigs? We manufacture different models quickly and reliably. The list of different application possibilities is very wide-ranging and we can implement your customer projects in a flexible way and with precise processing. Our extensive assortment of stars, balls, hearts and many other geometric shapes are very popular with crafters in particular, and florists appreciate them as a firm base for wreaths. Our EPP seat pads are very popular in catering enterprises, at all sorts of events and trade fairs. This seat pad is light and can easily be stacked and stowed away. Thanks to the insulating properties of the particle foam, there is no loss in comfort when having to sit for a long time. In contrast to conventional textile cushions, they are extremely easy to clean. Pre-heated EPS foam is also used in the production of seating options and offers a wide range of design possibilities.

Would you like to have customized EPP or EPS cutouts made especially for you?

We will discuss the various steps involved with you in detail. We set great store by transparency and you will be kept fully informed throughout the production process.

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