Infinergy® is a new and innovative foam material from BASF. In order to achieve its excellent functional properties, different materials have been combined to produce this specific particle foam.

Good recovery behavior

This particle foam stands out on account of its good recovery behavior. This material property can be partly attributed to the closed-cell structure of the foam.

Diverse fields of application

With the aid of pressure filling and crack splitting, this particle foam can be processed on the same automatic molding machines as EPP.

Elastic and soft

In contrast to other foam materials, this innovative and newly developed particle foam remains elastic and soft even in wide temperature ranges.

Good recovery behavior in both cold and heat

This property of the material can partly be attributed to the closed-cell structure of the foam. That is why the material stands out on account of its excellent rebound resilience, which is clearly a lot better than that of other foams. E-TPU also retains its excellent rebound resilience when subjected to continuous loads. In various tests, the material has also been proven to return almost all the energy that is applied to it.

Diverse fields of application

Pre-foamed particles are pressed together under hot steam and bonded together in a number of stages. The innovative particle foam can be used for any application that calls for a combination of excellent mechanical properties, low weight, and high durability across a wide temperature range.

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