Quality management system in production

Quality concept for all internal planning and production processes.

Quality concept

Our goal is to achieve a zero error rate. This quality concept is consistently put into practice by our employees in all our processes – from the moment the order is received to delivery via production planning, production itself, quality control, packaging and loading.


We have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1996. This standard not only serves as a basis for our quality management system, it is also subject to a continuous improvement process that applies to all our processes. DIN ISO 9001 covers all process factors: from the supply of raw materials to the delivery of finished products.

Continuous improvement

In order to meet our quality requirements on a long-term basis, we are continually striving to optimize our processes internally and to actively promote improvements suggested by our employees. The standards of quality are pursued in all areas of the company.

Our quality management system

For many years, we have structured our in-house quality management system in accordance with the guidelines of the Kanban process control system as well as with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001. In a continually changing process of improvement, we strive for efficiency in all sectors of our firm: from supply to the production and delivery of high-quality products to you via storage, external and internal logistics. The quality concept that we implement is constantly reaffirmed by certificates that are the result of regular audits.

Our quality concept

The quality concept for the very best products is the achievement of a zero error rate. We can only adhere to this standard if the quality concept is consistently implemented in the planning and preparation of the parts by all our employees. Over the course of years, we at the company have developed a continuous improvement process, which also takes ecological aspects into account as part of the quality standard. This way, even from the point when delivery of the supplier products is accepted, you can be sure that you will be able to rely on a quality management system of an international standard that is completely traceable from beginning to end.

Quality management requirements

Using resources sparingly in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001, taking into consideration the environmental and quality aspects of the production of raw materials and supply parts when ordering them, achieving a zero-error rate by means of a continuous improvement process with regard to the quality of finished products, and organizing the entire process control system according to the Kanban principle.

Kanban plays an important role within the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001. The method involves the management of production processes. As little as possible is kept in stock, but a cost-effective value chain is created by means of a good throughput and predictive calculation. Schaumaplast takes Kanban criteria into account within the company’s quality management system. In previous audits, this has repeatedly led to certification that confirms that we fully meet the standard specifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
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Constant instruction and the advanced training of the employees to satisfy the current quality requirements

International provisions for each quality management system change several times a year, at least in the period between the annual balance sheet results and new production plans. Accordingly, it is vital that our employees at Schaumaplast are taught about the amendments to DIN EN ISO 9001, new developments relating to the Kanban and new in-house revisions to the improvement process. We also invest the time needed to do so in such a way that there are no gaps in the rest of the process control system. We regularly send staff from across the company to special training courses on the issues of quality requirements and efficiency. Naturally, this also includes constant training courses on occupational health and safety. After all, a good quality concept for your further use of our products can only develop in a working environment that is as safe as it is efficient. Besides participating in external seminars on Schaumaplast's quality management system, we also organize staff meetings on quality requirements in the individual departments and across departments.

Growing quality requirements

Our quality concept not only serves the purpose of external testing. Rather, our quality standards include a consistently high quality of our in-house production processes.
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